Intelligent Integrated Alert Notification

Capsol can make your life easier and safer

Whether you are looking at a system for routine communication or a robust Mass Notification System, CAPSOL provides the flexibility and scalability to meet your needs. Able to meet even the toughest communication challenge, CAPSOL works over your existing network infrastructure for ease in deployment and cost saving installation.

But we don’t stop there. CAPSOL can integrate with your existing fire alarm or mass notification system. Additional features such as emergency computer messaging, LED Text displays, text to speech and mobile notification apps can enhance your current efforts. From data analytics to a complete Audio Video Notification system, all your communication needs can be easily addressed with CAPSOLSuite™

Outside of a building structure, communicating with large numbers of people can be challenging. Subscription-Based notification systems and apps have shown difficulty with getting people to register. Coupled with the labor intensive and costly task of maintaining a database, these inefficiencies prove communicating in this manner can be somewhat ineffective.

Instant Mobile Alerting™ is NON-Subscription based. It does not require any personal information including a name, a mobile number or an email address. Because no personal information is collected or stored, there is no database to maintain and no privacy concerns.

CALL EMI today for a demonstration of how CAPSOL’s integrated solution works across all of the EMI products to make your life safer.

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